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living voice at the munich high end show may 15–18 2014

Following the hugely positive coverage of our Munich debut in 2013, we again featured the Vox Olympian/Elysian System at the Munich High End Show. This year’s system including the new CEC TL0.3 transport, KSL Kondo DAC, M77 pre-amp & Gakuoh monoblocks and an upgraded version of our battery power supply.

We found it a delight to play music of all kinds to friends old and new. The reaction from media and music lovers alike was once again everything we could have wished for and more – we look forward to seeing you all in 2015, when we anticipate unveiling something new.

created by living voice

the Vox Olympian & Elysian Horn Loudspeaker System

If you are wondering where the pinnacle in musical reproduction as a real and profound experience is happening, it is here.

Edward Barker,, September 2010

Living Voice has been at the forefront of ‘high-end’ loudspeaker design for 20 years. From the introduction of the groundbreaking Air Partner in 1991 through to the magnificent Vox Olympian in 2010, we have consistently created new quality benchmarks by which loudspeaker performance is judged.

We value the holistic musical experience over specific aspects of sound quality. Our designs reach deep into the musical performance and extract the magical essence that makes music an abiding and compelling joy. This is what makes Living Voice the choice of the passionate and discerning music lover.

what the reviews said

Munich 2013/2014 Show Reports & Comments

The Living Voice multi-way horn was something else, at times I was transfixed by the explicit diction and near seamless coherence, while the sense of natural presence and live dynamics, without a shadow of exaggeration, near on mythical – self evidently a prodigious tour de force by Kevin and co.

Martin Colloms, Forum, Munich High End Show, May 2013

Demonstrating any product at its best is always difficult under show conditions. Complex logistics, an unfamiliar environment, and absolute time constraints on the ‘nth degree’ of fine-tuning can all easily conspire against you no matter how meticulous the planning.

All we will add is that judging by the response we received from both public and trade visitors, overcoming the stress and lack of sleep was hugely rewarding on many levels. Our sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to listen and comment in such a positive fashion.

photographs from the show

Show photographs courtesy of The Ear & 6 Moons

  • 2014 comment

    Alan Sircom ‘HiFi+’

    The other big hitter was the Living Voice Vox Olympian, a £340,000 exercise in high-grade steampunk-fi with a sound that meant the room was constantly filled to bursting. For good reason; it sounded sensational, especially with the vast Vox Elysian matching subs on the end of some top-notch Kondo amplification.

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  • 2014 comment

    Srajan Ebaen, ‘6Moons’

    Meanwhile by day two of the show, Living Voice had reclaimed last year’s top spot as the über system which relegated justifying expense and excess to somewhere well removed from the actual experience.

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  • 2014 comment

    Uwe Kirbach, ‘Image HiFi’

    By far the high point of this year’s High End show for me was the demonstration of the Living Voice Vox Olympian, this year the power supply, and the cleanliness thereof, was assured thanks to the Lithium Ion batteries. No more than three seconds of music was needed to realise that something extraordinary was occurring. Cecilia Bartoli’s voice appeared tangibly in the room, the difficult sibilants remained completely with the voice, the height of the image was so right, the strings so wonderful and the combined effect so comprehensively realistic, that if you closed your eyes, you could really believe that the performance was happening live right in front of you.

    I have never heard the like of it at a show before, not by a long chalk, and certainly not from CD. In fact, when I come to think of it, I’ve never heard anything like it at all. Together with the Kondo equipment upstream in the chain and the new CEC TL0.3 transport, the system cost well over a million – whether Euro or Pounds, regardless. In all honesty, if I were a customer with sufficient financial wherewithal, this is exactly the system I would be buying, right down to the last screw.

    Two other hi-fi distributors who also heard the system both said, pretty much word for word (although independently from one another) that it was as if they had heard a genuine recreation of the musical event, and I can only agree.

    The unforgettable high point of this show.

  • 2014 comment

    Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis, ‘Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile’

    …these are not just the best finished speakers I have ever laid my eyes on, they are the best finished single product in the whole hi-fi business, bar none.

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  • 2014 comment

    Roy Gregory, ‘AudioBeat’

    But if somebody harbors doubt as to just what an audio system can do, given the chance, the Living Voice setup will certainly set them straight. Even if you’d heard nothing else in Munich, this one system would have made the trip worthwhile.

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  • 2014 comment

    Malcolm Steward, ‘Top Audio Gear’

    I have to confess that despite being avowedly anti-horns, I could happily live with a set of these. They seem to have all the ‘pluses’ one associates with horns but none of the ‘minus’ aspects. I further suspect that my photographs will do no justice to the exquisite custom cabinet work, which was outstandingly sumptuous.

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  • 2014 comment

    Mono & Stereo

    There are many ways to audiophile and music heaven. This combination is for sure one path.

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  • 2014 comment

    Jason Kennedy, ‘The Ear’

    I know that we reported on these speakers last year but as they produced by far the most dynamic and inspiring sound of the show they warrant a second showing.

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  • 2014 comment

    ‘HiFi Pig’

    Now, I am not a fan of much classical music and much less opera. I have no idea what the piece of opera was that Lynne was playing but it just sounded, well, to be fair, it just sounded that we had popped out to an actual opera… there was a woman with a stunning voice there just singing her heart out.

    It really was a spectacle of sound and vision, beautiful, beautiful hifi that sounded incredibly real.

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  • 2014 comment

    ‘Stereo Times’

    For me, and strictly in terms of purity and poise, this was an extraordinary achievement in what is possible from a stereo system.

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  • 2014 comment

    It seems it’s not just the professionals who are impressed – from a thread on ‘Audio Asylum’

    It was shockingly and laughably better than any super or non-super system at the show. The margin was so huge that it was lightyears ahead. I have never heard sheer realism like this from a reproduction system… it simply redefines what is possible.

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  • Roy Gregory, ‘AudioBeat’

    One reaction sums up this sonic and musical triumph: On Saturday morning I took a good friend, a serious and seriously high-end distributor from Thailand, up to the Living Voice room. Not a horn fan, he was being nothing more than polite, I suspected, in following my suggestion, but on arrival he found himself shocked and captivated by the sound, the sheer musicality of the performance. I bumped into him again late on Sunday, some 36 hours later, still looking slightly stunned. “So, have you heard anything good?” I asked him, in standard show style. He just shook his head and quietly replied “After Living Voice, nothing sounds good.”

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  • Srajan Ebaen, ‘6Moons’

    This system did it all: scale, splendor, linearity, gushing ease, ‘64-bit’ tone colors, emotional transport-you-to-elsewhere factor, resolution, top-end sophistication…you name it, this room had it.

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  • Jason Kennedy, ‘The Ear’

    There were two complete systems, one to demonstrate the Auditorium OBX-RW floorstander and a full-on Kondo system to go with the mighty Vox Olympian horn and its partnering Vox Elysium stereo subwoofers. This Vox system did what big expensive systems never do at shows, it sounded as good as it looks, and if you don’t like the looks it sounded better!

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  • Alan Sircom ‘HiFi+’

    This was a system of superlatives, whether it was the several tonne load shipped from Derby to Munich, the outstanding array of marquetry on show on the loudspeakers or the €450,000 price tag for the speakers alone, this was high-end writ large… and horny!

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  • ‘Stereo Times’

    Kevin Scott from Living Voice/Definitive Audio put up an incredible sounding room of super luxury, ‘cost-is-no object’ products;it was the most expensive system in the show.

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designer kevin scott

on the Vox Olympian’s striking appearance

“A loudspeaker is a piece of furniture at all times. If it is not benign and domestically unobtrusive in appearance, it should be a sculptural centerpiece or a magnificent piece of timeless fine furniture.

Stylistically we took pains to make it hard to date the Olympian. It could just as easily hail from the late 1800s, 1920s or 1950s as it does from 2010. To fit gracefully and seamlessly into the finest bespoke interiors in this sector of the market, it was my conviction that a loudspeaker should not be an overtly commercial or quantitatively produced ‘product.’

The Vox Olympian and Vox Elysian instead are made exclusively in the timeless tradition of fine furniture cabinet making using artisanal techniques and only the finest and noblest of materials. This speaker is at the pinnacle of refined, sophisticated and exclusive ‘through and through’ furniture design. Each pair is made to order and takes 650 man hours to build.”

Kevin Scott

Living Voice

image gallery

Vox Olympian & Elysian

  • Main cabinet badge

  • Calibrated bronze HF assembly

  • Hand-crafted cabinetry

  • Adjustable crossovers

  • Form & function

  • Painstakingly selected materials

  • Bespoke cabinet finishes

  • Bespoke cabinet finishes

Living Voice

The loudspeaker manufacturer and creator of bespoke audio products,

Definitive Audio

The retail dealership, offering our selection of the world’s finest audio products.

in the media

Living Voice/Definitive Audio

My upshot and takeaway from this ‘Road Tour’ were simply this. I’ve never previously met an audio designer with the specific set of skills and physically optimized facilities of Kevin Scott who wears the hats of system tuner, setup man, retailer, importer, designer and manufacturer interchangeably.
This creates the very necessary bigger perspective most hifi designers sorely lack. Add to this a quite unusual resourcefulness to push artisanal aspects into luxury yacht territory and the Living Voice Vox Olympian as a custom production speaker has no equal at least in my experience.

Srajan Ebaen,, September 2010. Read the complete article

additional articles

Edward Barker, 6moons

“Even if my reactions may appear to be over the top in the cold light of day, they represent as accurate a description of what was happening as I could describe. I felt it was extraordinary to listen to music in this way and come away in awe at the sheer emotional and connective power these speakers possess.”

complete article

Maarten van Casteren, tnt audio

“For me, this was one of those experiences that redefines what is possible in audio. All of us have ideas about where the limitations of audio systems roughly are, but mine were adjusted by quite a bit after having been exposed to this wonderful system.

complete article

Jason Kennedy, the ear

“…the quality of workmanship is like nothing I've encountered in the world of hi-fi. The only area where you might find something to approach it is in the finest antiques, and presumably luxury yachts.”

complete article

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